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Shop from a beautifully handcrafted collection of ready-to-wear everyday jewellery. Each piece is completely handmade using different Indian crafts and a crazy concotion of mediums. The raw materials used are mostly single pieces upcycled to help you style your minimal outfits. Each piece will have a different story.

Indian Handcrafted
Sustainable Jewelry by
The Boho Bling
15 years back when I started my journey in the domain of fashion and accessories, somewhere inside me hidden was the bohemian spirit.
I always wanted to give shape, colour, and body to that free spirit. The zest to create a niche brand which further encouraged me to create a line of accessories for the fashion and art-loving people, who always want to experiment with their looks while making a statement for others.
Nekta Narang
Founder & CEO, The Boho Bling

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Fashion hub for accessory lovers with a boho twist. Enhance your free spirit look with our bohemian jewelry.

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